The self-satisfaction of a bicycle commuter

Two days a week I work at a client’s office in Burnaby, and now that the weather is nice, I’ve been biking there and back at least once a week. And aren’t I proud of myself!

I am, really. It is so much easier to get a workout in this way, when it’s on my way to something I have to do, rather than trying to carve out special time to go to a gym or for a run or something. And I feel strong and healthy having used my own power to get to work. I’m part of the cycling crowd. In fact, this morning the bike roads were packed. At one red light I counted 11 cyclists waiting for our turn to proceed.

So I’m among the lycra-wearing, strong-thighed, environmentally conscious commuters. I could have taken a bus and still felt a little more smug than those single-person-in-cars commuters, but biking makes me even more smug.

I know, I’m full of myself and shouldn’t be allowed to mix in company that doesn’t buy organic vegetables at farmer’s markets and doesn’t use only BPA-free plastics.
But if you knew me, you’d laugh at the image of me joining those ranks. Because I’m not really one of them. OK, I do own lycra shorts for biking, but I’m short, overweight, have asthma and puff up every incline I have to walk, let alone cycle. But those are all reasons why I need to take every opportunity to get exercise (that and my inability to walk away from a plate of brownies!). So in the summer, I cycle anywhere I can that doesn’t involve too many hills.

And the fact that it lets me feel a bit more self-righteous probably helps my self esteem, which probably helps my health and encourages me to exercise more. But it doesn’t help me maintain self-control when confronted by the dessert tray.


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