Spontenaity and kids

I think I am a spontaneous person. At least, I used to be spontaneous. Summers were always great for last minute things. Heading to a patio because it was hot. Going camping because we had no plans and the weather was good.

Even after we had a baby we were still semi-spontaeous. Okay, we had to spend an hour or more packing the trunk with portable cribs, strollers, food, diapers, and on and on. But we went on last-minute excursions, I think.

Somewhere in the past few years though, I’ve lost my last-minute-ness. It’s too much effort planning food, clothes, schedules and activities for four people (since you know hubby leaves it all to me!), so I’d rather take fewer get aways, fewer outings. I prefer the comforts of home so I don’t have to worry about what the kids will do when we’re out.

Well now we have two school-aged kids, and I’m trying to regain some spontenaity (gee, I hope I’m spelling that word right since I’ve used it so much!). I recently proposed a weekend getaway on one day’s notice, and the rest of my family stared at me in shock that I was the one to suggest it.

I still have to plan food, activities and packing for all four of us, but with only clothes to pack and kids who can eat at regular restaurants, it’s a lot less of a hassle. And while I know the kids will be sleep-deprived and a getaway won’t be as unplanned as the olden days B.C. (before children), I am proud to be regaining some sense of my old last-minute self.


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