Deadlines and self-employment

I think the summer is my favourite time to be self-employed and in control of my own schedule. Especially on Fridays. I usually don’t have a tonne of work on Fridays in summer (having slaved all week), so I can take it easy.

During the school year I find Fridays to be a tough day for work, with lots of deadlines, but in the summer, it seems like all my clients take it easy and no one is around Friday afternoons. Friday mornings, sure. I get lots of summer deadlines for Friday mornings. But Friday afternoon, everyone seems to be on the golf course or at the campground.

And this is one of those that summers that so far, I’m not freaking out about how much work I do or don’t have, so I am trying to really enjoy my Fridays. Today we’re leaving at lunchtime for a getaway. And this morning, all I need to do is pack and send out my e-newsletter for Movies for Mommies.

And no deadlines. Gotta love Fridays!


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