Movies for Mommies is moving, and for sale

Have you heard all my news yet? Here’s what I put in the e-mail newsletter last Friday:



Yup, the Ridge will no longer be available to us after September, so I went looking for a new home, and The Rio Theatre has offered us a great place to continue our programming. This is a gorgeous, grand old theatre that has been redone and revived. It shows first run, mainstream films, it’s air conditioned, it has a super concession, and best of all is the location. It’s right at Commercial and Broadway.

Now I know parking isn’t perfect in that area, but there is street parking on many nearby streets. But the location is ideal for public transit. Not only do a bunch of bus routes, including the express 99 stop right there, but it’s right down from the Commercial/Broadway Skytrain stations, which means getting to and from downtown, Burnaby, Surrey and other eastern ‘burbs is now a piece of cake for mommies! And to beat the rush hour crunch of parking limits, schools and commuters, we’re going to start films a half hour earlier. Doors will open at 12 noon and films will start at 12:30 pm. Commercial Drive is a hotbed of great infant-friendly restaurants and coffee shops, so you can spend the day down there with baby every other Wednesday.

We’ll have our pick of their first-run films, and will also continue to bring in other films, just like we have done at the Ridge.

All this will happen as of the beginning of October, since the Ridge gave me until the end of September. So three more screenings at the Ridge remain, then the big move. I hope you’re excited about this. I know I am.

But I do have some more news, if you can stand just one more bit. I’ve been running Movies for Mommies in Vancouver since 2002, and the time has come for me to find a successor. If you’re looking for a part-time business that is fun, baby-friendly, easy to run and part of a great national network, why not buy MFM Vancouver from me? You’d be surprised how economical it is, and how with your enthusiasm, you can grow the business. Feel free to email me with any questions about the business, and please spread the word that I’m looking for a buyer.

So that’s the news. I’ve had a few mommies enquiring about buying the business, so I’m optimistic that someone will take over and keep MFM ticking along. I really am excited about the move to the Rio, and will start making big press noise next month.

Got questions? Feel free to comment and ask.


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