New price for sale of Movies for Mommies Vancouver

I’m sorry for the blog silence lately. Work and home have both been very busy for me and I’m falling behind. There’s lots I planned to blog about, and I’ll try to catch up soon. But in the meantime, I have set a new price for Movies for Mommies Vancouver and I hope that will interest a buyer to take over the business before the end of the year.

You probably know that my MFM screenings are part of a national license of the MFM brand. Buying me out is contingent on being approved as a licensee by the Toronto office (well, it’s really just one person). But she trusts my judgment and anyone I pick will have no trouble getting approved. Anyhow, the price I set for the business included the license fee for the first year. But I’ve been doing some negotiating with the Toronto office, and have gotten her to agree to waive the license fee for the first year altogether. That lowers my original asking price by several thousand dollars.

So posted here now is a revised two-page summary of the sale. MFM Vancouver is a great business for a start-up mompreneur. It’s easy to run and fun to do, and if you put just a bit more effort in than I’ve done the past couple years, you can really make some money.

If you’re interested, please download this file and then contact me.


2 Responses to New price for sale of Movies for Mommies Vancouver

  1. Laura Grady says:

    Just wondering if MFM is still on “the market”?
    I am the Vancouver writer for I was putting together my weekly event schedule and of course wanted to include the first MFM screening at the Rio. I just happened to come across your sale. I am not a business person, but I am intrigued and interested. Would love to learn more about this opportunity.

  2. movies4mommies says:

    Yes, MFM Vancouver is still on the market. I’m talking to interested buyers all the time, but haven’t done a deal yet. Email me at if you have questions.

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