Want an easy paid gig? I need a new hostess for MFM ASAP.

I just found out that my previous hostess has quit on me, and I’m a little hooped. I work at my day job on Wednesdays, and can’t be at Movies for Mommies every screening. I’ve figured something out for this first week, but don’t know what I’ll do for the rest of the fall.

It’s a very easy job, and I pay for it. All you have to is turn up at the Rio by 11:45 to set things up, set out the stuff on the welcome table, then at noon, be ready when the doors are opened. You greet the mommies, hand out welcome kits to first-timers, get people to fill in the door prize forms. than at 12:30 pm, go to the front of the theatre, make the announcements, draw the door prize, then let the Rio staff know it’s time to start the film. Then come back to the front table, pack stuff up, and then you can go by 12:45. It’s just an hour and I pay you more than four times minimum wage.

It’s a perfect gig for a mom who’s kids are in school, or for anyone who likes babies. The screenings left this year are: October 28, November 11, 25, and December 9.

Can you help me out? Email me at vancouver@moviesformommies.com.


4 Responses to Want an easy paid gig? I need a new hostess for MFM ASAP.

  1. Joanna Peccorini says:

    Hi my name is Joanna Peccorini and I am a stay at home mom of an 18 month old boy, before I had my son I was an early childhood educator. I am interested in the job as hostess for your movies for mommies. If you need a resume or want to meet please email or call me at 778-689-2229 or home 604-327-0251 Thank you and look forward to hearing from you Joanna

  2. h says:

    hi carla,
    would love to be your new hostess as the timing sounds perfect….
    would you like to meet to chat?

  3. movies4mommies says:

    Thanks to everyone who stepped up to help me. I think I’ve got someone now, but am keeping all your names on a back up list. I really appreciate how so many mommies came forward to help.

  4. […] Thanks to everyone who came forward over the weekend to offer to help me out with hostessing at Movies for Mommies. I’m overwhelmed with how many mommies wanted the job. And considering that I only posted it […]

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