Over packaging and the waste of cardboard

I bought my husband a new camera for Chanukah. Well, to be truthful, I bought it for the family and just gave it to him. But then, he bought a GPS and gave it to me, knowing full well he’d use it loads more than me. Welcome to gift giving in the married years.

Anyhow, this camera is small. The last camera we bought was about five years ago, and I thought it was small then. But this new thing is barely bigger than my cell phone. Do you know that just about every point-and-click camera these days is sold without a view finder? If you want to take a photo, you have to hold it away from yourself and look at the LED. What if your hand shakes? I like looking through the hole while my hands firmly grasp the camera. Plus, in bright sunshine (we do get some of that sometimes!), it’s impossible to see the screen.

Anyhow, this teeny weeny camera was well priced and was one of only two at the store that still had a viewfinder, so I chose it from the display. Then the clerk goes into the back to get me one, and comes out with a box larger than my printer! Inside this box is a smaller box, and inside this box is my camera. There is nothing else inside the big box except the small box. Why on earth did Canon need to put the small box inside the big box? Why need a big box at all? What a collosal waste of cardboard. No wonder we’re facing global warming.

Happy Chanukah!


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