I love the mini luxury of a pedicure

I am not a spa person, much. I’m not one for facials, and manicures are wasted on me, as I scrape the polish within the first two days. But give me a pedicure, and I’m yours for life. Well, maybe just for the day. Still.

I had my first pedicure when I was pregnant. A friend suggested it when I was complaining about not being able to bend over and hence unable to even cut my own toenails (cut, heck, I could barely see my toes!). And I was hooked.

I used to go in for the really deluxe pedicures, the expensive ones with the hot wax treatment and the hour long foot massage (well, it felt like an hour!). But budgets being what they are, I’ve now found a cheaper option that I can access more frequently. You know those nail bars that have popped up on every corner? They do wonderful pedicures for about $35, which means I can get one every month. And it’s a little me time that I really need.

I had a pedicure last weekend, and invited a friend. It was lovely to have a chance for us to catch up, as we never get time to see each other. And while we chatted, a wonderful esthetician cleaned my feet, shaped my nails and rubbed my legs. And we got to sit in comfy massage chairs and soak our feet in hot soapy water. To me, this was an hour of heaven.

Just one hour, mind you. Then I had to go home and make dinner.


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