Working on a Sunday

It’s a quiet day around my house today, with the boys buried in books and toys. Since I rarely get time alone at home anymore where I’m not swamped with work, I thought about hanging out, watching tv, reading a book. But what did I do instead? I worked.

Yes, I sent a proposal to a new client, wrote a blog entry and letter to the editor for another, and even did a phone interview for a third. Am I a work-a-holic?

Possibly, although I’d prefer to think that having done these assignments today, I’ll have a bit of spare time during the workweek. Time when I’ll be the only home, when I won’t be overwhelmed with work and can take an extended lunch hour. To read, watch tv, or exercise.

Sounds good. Wonder if I’d follow through…


2 Responses to Working on a Sunday

  1. […] as of March, I’m back to working from the home office five days a week. I’ll really miss the office environment, and will miss the people too. […]

  2. […] And while I originally said I wouldn’t attend, given that it was downtown and at night (working mom, not much for late-night partying), my husband talked me into it, reminding me that my part-time […]

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