Good thing PR is recession-proof

Now that I have to scrounge up more work (with my part-time job finishing up at the end of February), I was delighted to read that my industry is “recession-proof.”

According to a major PR player at a big agency, quoted in a recent newspaper article:

He says the industry is almost “recession- proof” in the sense public relations agencies are experts at delivering both good and bad news, the latter being heightened at times of economic hardship.

But the industry has much more going for it than simply being the bearer of bad news.

Businesses often find PR to be more cost effective than traditional advertising and find it particularly suited to taking advantage of increasingly popular social media outlets, such as blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

I agree with all his points, although lots of communicators I know have found budgets slashed and staff laid off, so I am less sure about the recession-proof stuff. Still, they keep saying the recession is over. And hopefully the post-Olympics time period in Vancouver will mean work will get back to normal and projects will start to flow. Ever since November, between the regular holidays slowdown and then the pre-Olympics slowdown, business in Vancouver has slowed significantly. Once they’re over (if not sooner!), I hope things swing into higher gear and my phone starts ringing off the hook with new business.

Fingers crossed.


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