Media relations: Will there be a flood of pitches after the Olympics

The advice for media relations professionals from the time the Olympics pulled into full gear this month is to not pitch anything, unless it was an Olympics story. And that’s good advice, because very little else is making news anywhere in the Lower Mainland this last couple weeks.

I have a couple things I want to get out to media, but am advising clients to hold back until next week. In fact, I could be pitching about four different stories early next week. Yikes.

And that’s just me. If every PR agency and consultant is in the same boat as me, will we flood media with non-Olympic news? And if we do, will we fatigue them right away? Will they be too tired to listen after two weeks of non-stop Olympic celebrations?

Maybe I should wait another week or two. Oh, but then I run into the Paralympics. What’s your advice on timing for media pitching in the post-Olympic era?


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