My mother never had it this bad: The demands of a working mommie’s busy week

We have just made it through a working family’s version of a week of h-e-double toothpicks. And I am sure every generation says this about their parents’ years, but I am pretty sure my mother never had a week like this.

With both my husband and I working for ourselves, we usually have some time to run errands and the like during the week. But lately we’ve both been taking on new contracts and are both working full out. For him, it’s meant a race to get home by 4:30 to race the boys to their swimming lessons. Or rushing the boys out the door in the morning to before-care (a daycare feature of their after-school program we almost never used before) so he can get to work early. For me, this week has meant four days of working downtown, instead of only two, meaning no time working from home. It meant working nights to catch up. But I also had two breakfast meetings that had me leave home before the kids even woke up. And I had three evening sessions that meant I got home after the boys were in bed. Plus we had our first baseball game (my son’s team, but as coach it’s my team too), two baseball practices, and I had book club. I’m exhausted just writing it down.

It was so bad that:

  • We didn’t sit down for a family meal together until Friday.
  • I didn’t see my kids for two 24-hour stretches.
  • It took me 2 1/2 days to do three loads of laundry.
  • The guys had to wait around one morning for pants to come out of the dryer because they had nothing clean they were willing to wear.
  • We ran out of milk and vegetables.
  • My older son was practicing for his spelling test on the walk to school Friday because it was the only time I had to help him.

On the bright side, I did bike downtown four days in a row, so at least I got some exercise despite the schedule. And on an even brighter note, it’s really made us appreciate how easy we usually have it, and how great it is to have a weekend to relax. Of course, the weekend would be better if it would stop raining for this afternoon’s baseball game.


7 Responses to My mother never had it this bad: The demands of a working mommie’s busy week

  1. howdy there …. I know how this feels …. chin up matey another week looms … best le

  2. oakridge says:

    stupid question: why are you doing this? is it for the money? My wife and I both work but we have only 1 child. We are finding it very hard to maintain the work life balance and are now contemplating downsizing so that I can have a more balanced lower paying job. life is full of options and when you start to lose yourself in your work it’s time to think about what’s important. Anyway, love your blog!

  3. workingmommie says:

    Good question, Oakridge. I don’t think I’m really doing it for the money, although we do like living in our nice neighborhood (albeit in a less-than-lovely house). I do really love my work, and am feeling like I’m at a really good spot in my career. So I guess it’s for the work and pleasure thereof. But it’s not always this crazy. Most weeks I have time to pick the kids up at school, do the laundry, make dinners, and enjoy coaching baseball. And we do like living in the city, so I guess that’s part of it.

    Ironically, we had friends for dinner last night that left Vancouver and moved to Vancouver Island, bought a gorgeous house mortgage free and have taken a year off working. So while I’m jealous of that lifestyle, it made me think and I realized I love my work enough to not leave it.

    Thanks for reading.

  4. 2mannasisters says:

    That’s exhausting just reading it. I hope that you can get a good rest in on the weekends. What do you enjoy about the juggling?

    –Marla Finley

  5. workingmommie says:

    I can’t say I really enjoy the juggling, but I love my career and don’t want to give it up to raise my family, so am stuck with the juggle act. I am grateful to have the flexibility to try to do it all at once.

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