Mother, wife, working woman, and now, tech support?

My husband got an iPhone last week. Lucky him. I’ve wanted one forever, but since my phone is used a lot for sending emails, I have a Blackberry. I find the iPhone too hard to type long messages on. Even short messages really.

But he needed a new phone, so he got an iPhone. And he’s having all kinds of fun playing with it. Which is fine. I’m jealous a bit, but at least we have on in the house. But he expects me to have all the answers about how things work on his phone. And I don’t.

Admittedly, I know more about computers than anyone else in my family. Given that we all have macs, I administer them, I deal with software and hardware, I set up everything, I fix stuff when it’s a mac thing I know. But as hubby’s tech toys get more sophisticated, he expects more tech support from me, which I’m finding a bit much. If he’s on the laptop more, shouldn’t he learn more about it? If it’s his iPhone, shouldn’t he solve his own set up issues?

I thought the new tech toys like the iPhone and iPad were intuitive and a child could work them. Yet here I am still, tech support. Hubby has just told me that when he bought his iPhone the Apple store offered to show him tricks on how to use it, and he said “It’s okay, my wife will show me.”

Great. Another job for me to juggle.


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