I’d love raising kids more if I never had to put them to bed

When my kids were babies, bedtime was fun. We had a routine, we read stories, we cuddled, they had milk, they went to bed, they fell asleep. I miss those days.

Nowadays, getting my boys to bed seems like a fight all the time. They have a million excuses to stall getting to bed. They have to finish something. They have to go the bathroom. They have to find something. And then when I finally get their teeth brushed and get them into bed, it seems like ages until they fall asleep.

I think it’s even worse with my guys, because they share a room. So when one of them wants to goof around after lights out, they can play around for ages together. Hubby and I can get so frustrated trying to get them to calm down and try to sleep. As the summer comes on at last and it gets light later and later, it gets harder and harder to get the boys to sleep.

I’d love to let them go to bed as late as they want, but they never ever sleep in. No matter when they go to bed, they are up at the crack of 7. And when they don’t get enough sleep, I’m stuck dealing with a tired, cranky kid and I have to bear the brunt of their lack of sleep.

I know, in a few years they’ll be teenagers and I won’t be able to wake them up in the morning, but these years seem tough, and I wish someone else could get my kids to sleep every night.


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