Wearing three hats, and making that work

I’m a consultant, so it means I work for more than one client at once. That’s normal. And I work in public relations, so doing some media relations work, where I’m trying to get media attention for a client, is normal too. But today has been an unusual day, because I’ve had three issues in front of media today for three different clients.

Whenever my cell phone rang, I had to be careful who I was speaking for before the conversation got too far. It was certainly a busy day for me, but I’m proud to say all three issues ended up getting coverage, all three clients were thrilled to be contacted by media that I pitched on their behalf, and I managed not to mess up and put on the wrong hat at any time.

Although I did mess up when I was pitching media yesterday. I copied and pasted an email from one message to another, but forgot to delete the part about my pitch making a great story for that particular paper. So yes, I named the competitor. Whoops! Thank heavens for humility. I quickly noticed my mistake and sent an apology to the editor whose paper I mis-named, and lo and behold they covered the story today anyhow.

My productive day — learning humility, changing hats, and having happy clients. If only my home life went that smoothly at bedtime!


One Response to Wearing three hats, and making that work

  1. jen says:

    We have so much in common I had to stop for a minute and make sure this wasn’t my secret blog that I was keeping from myself. LOL!

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