My best birthday cakes ever, and yes, I’m bragging this time

March 31, 2010

When I was little, my mother always made our birthday cakes. She even let us choose what shapes she’d make them in. I loved that, so when I had kids, I decided it would be the one thing I would always find time for. Of course, my mother didn’t work full time when I was in school, so she had a lot more time than me. But a promise to myself is a promise, and every year I’ve made the boys cakes.

Some cakes were easy, like the year my older boy wanted a book.Although he insisted the book be about a fireman, so for this non-artist, that was a challenge.

Then there was the year he wanted a hippo. I have no idea what a hippo cake should look like, but whatever that is, it wasn’t what mine turned out like. Fortunately, he was only three, so didn’t mind.

I really liked the artist’s pallete I did for my younger kid one year,

and last year’s Amazing Race party merited a great world map cake too.



And the guitar cake for my younger guy was a big hit too.

But this year I think I outdid myself. Given that we live in Vancouver and the party fell right after the end of the Paralympics, my boys chose mascot cakes. I had convinced them to combine their parties into one, so I would only have to do one party this year. But both insisted on having their own cakes, and fair enough. Still, that meant I had to produce two Olympic mascots in one morning.

But produce I did. Working from a drawing my seven year old made, and with a stuffie of each of my subjects perched on the counter before me, I created a Quatchi cake and a MukMuk cake. And I think they are my best cakes yet. The kids at the party loved them, although MukMuk was more popular than Quatchi (but that could have been because I used chocolate-dyed coconut for his fur, which not every kid may have loved).

I just hope next year they want something simple, like another bowling alley.