Finally, time to work

September 8, 2009

I am so happy to have the kids back in school today. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Summer camps are great, but the hours aren’t as long as school + aftercare. And since I’m self-employed, I try to give the boys a few weeks at home, but that means a lot less time for me to work.

But today, at last, I regain my home office, and my schedule. It’s amazing how quickly I’ve shifted into fall mode. Clients are slowly checking in with new projects, and I’m already ramping things up, just on the first day.

It’s been great to have a quiet summer — great in the sense that it’s nice to have more free time. But of course, when work is quiet, so is my income, so it’s not always so great. But this year, quiet is okay, because I have some stuff lined up already for the fall. Not every quiet summer is that enjoyable, but this one was.

And quiet worked for me so I could have the kids around more. But man, does it ever feel amazing to have them back in school. Then again, I’m blogging now instead of finishing that news release I need to do, so maybe I have to work harder at shifting back into fall mode. Hmmmm.