Robin Hood a great play

December 10, 2009

Last weekend I took my boys to Granville Island to see The Merry Adventure of Robin Hood as put on by Carousel Theatre. The boys had never heard the story of Robin Hood before (can you believe it!!), so I gave them a quick precis. I was worried that they wouldn’t understand the play. Well, I worried for nothing.

The play was fun, colourful, interesting, and exciting for them and me. The acting was great, the stage was lovely, the length of the play was perfect (one short intermission, two hours in and out all told), and the boys had no trouble following the action.

Like all Carousel plays adapted from classic books (I’ve seen a few and recommend them), Robin Hood stuck pretty well to the classic story. There was a bit of kissing and romance (so warn your boys!), but it was mostly a fun romp through medieval times with a happy ending.

Take your kids. It’s playing until January 2, 2009, and tickets are still available.